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0008549ardourbugspublic2023-11-01 14:10
Reporterbachstudies Assigned Tox42  
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Product Version6.5 
Summary0008549: VST3 plugin is given mono pin connection instead of stereo

As per the spec, IAudioProcessor::setBusArrangements() should be called once to query and anothe time to set.
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2021-01-23 20:27

reporter   ~0025452

Demo version of Seventh Heaven iLok code: 3267-6374-6049-4539-6744-9222-7327-88


2021-01-23 21:36

reporter   ~0025453

Email from Matt @ Liquidsonics 01/23/21:

"It’s down to a combination of using an old channel declaration format in Juce, the order of the channel declaration (from memory it indicates mono to stereo first, stereo to stereo first would have been better, and how the host then uses this information for the default as the first in the list). Only Seventh Heaven uses this approach as its older, hence is the only affected plugin. I have a candidate fix, but a lot of testing is going to be needed to check it doesn’t break recall in some hosts. As it’s host dependent, it was certainly work putting that request into Ardour, I’m on the fence about whether the responsibility lies my end or the host end, but nevertheless, it’s on the radar for 2021."


2021-01-25 01:10

administrator   ~0025467

Could you try if the `vst3rio` git branch fixes this?

git fetch
git checkout -b vst3rio origin/vst3rio

(and later back: `git checkout master; ./waf`)


2021-01-25 02:34

reporter   ~0025469

This doesn't fix it, I'm afraid.


2023-06-17 21:28

administrator   ~0027793

Fixed since Ardour 7.3 (with further improvements in 7.4)


2023-11-01 14:10

reporter   ~0028288

Hi, if fixed in 7.4 I'm afraid it appears broken again in v8.1.0

launching LX480 v4 on a Stereo bus results in mono inputs only.

Do you need screenshots?

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