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0008547ardourbugspublic2021-01-25 00:21
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version6.5 
Summary0008547: OSC feedback not sent when no midi ports are enabled
DescriptionSome OSC feedback isn't sent if no midi ports are connected at startup.

All midi ports disconnected in "Audio/MIDI Setup/Midi Device Setup".

OSC feedback value set to:
  /set_surface/feedback = 3

These specific messages were observed to not be sent when expected:
  - /rec_enable_toggle
  - /transport_play
  - /transport_stop
  - /strip/recenable
  - /strip/mute

With a single midi port selected the above OSC messages are sent as expected.

Expected behavior:
OSC message /strip/recenable or /strip/mute enable (respectively) sent to connected clients.

Observed behavior:
/strip/recenable /strip/mute messages are not sent.
Steps To Reproduce  1. New session
  2. Empty template
  3. Audio/MIDI Setup/Midi Device Setup
  4. Disconnect/disable all ports
  5. OSC surface protocol enable
  6. OSC feedback set to 3
  7. Create audio track
  8. Arm track or mute track
  9. Observe missing outgoing OSC messages
Additional Information/strip/fader and /strip/pan_stereo_position work as expected.
/strip/recenable and /strip/mute are sent correctly if any proper midi IO port is selected (i.e. besides "Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth").
Also works with LoopMIDI virtual port (no data throughput is reported on LoopMIDI when used as the only connected port)
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2021-01-24 02:54

reporter   ~0025463

OSC feedback value set to:
  /set_surface/feedback = 3
  - /rec_enable_toggle
  - /transport_play
  - /transport_stop
 Should have no feedback
Setting feedback to 19 makes them work for me.
 - /strip/recenable
  - /strip/mute
both work for me if any MIDI port is available or not. However, I did find that in order to enable/disable a MIDI port I had to stop the audio engine. This is the top line in the Audio/MIDI Settings window. Unless this line says Running, sending OSC message has no effect and so there is no control change and so no feedback. I would note that it is not possible to make any changes from the GUI at this point either, but in that case a warning dialog pops up and complains the audio engine is dissabled. OSC does not have warning dialogs but could perhaps have a generic feedback message of /audio/engine s "FAIL" That control surface designers could use.

Please check that the Audio engine is "Running" and that these changes can be made from from the GUI too.


2021-01-25 00:21

reporter   ~0025465

The audio engine is definitely running. I get audio output and several other OSC messages, just missing certain things.
I was disabling that only through the Ardour setup/launching UI (i.e. not after the app is fully showing a session).
And to make sure we're talking about the same thing, this is on Windows (10 to be specific), yeah?

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