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0008531ardourotherpublic2021-08-18 03:57
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Product Version6.5 
Summary0008531: Scaling for hdpi screen does not work
DescriptionThis app is barely usable on my Ultra HD screen without applying a workaround for screen scaling
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2021-01-06 13:34

administrator   ~0025385

What setting do you use in Preferences > Appearance > GUI and Font scaling?

What is your screen's geometry, dpi and your view angle?


2021-01-08 10:16

reporter   ~0025394

Thank you for the quick answer!
The problem is only the default scaling when using Ultra HD screen.
As it was very small it was hard to find the appearance settings when using your program the first time. Changing the scale works fine. Sorry for the misleading comment.
But it would be nice if it was readable by default.
I am using Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
and the screen resolution is 3840:2160 with 15.6-inch display.


2021-08-17 10:07

reporter   ~0026109

I'd second the call for automatic detection of HDPI displays. Although you can change preferences after you've got everything set up, when you first run the program, all the intro wizard screens are extremely hard to read on an HDPI display.


2021-08-18 00:37

administrator   ~0026112

Last edited: 2021-08-18 00:39

When you first start Ardour, the new-user wizard dialog does suggest a scaling depending on screen-size (and also scaled up already).
It is the very first step since Ardour 6.0.

For a display 3840 x 2160px, the default is a scaling is 200%.


2021-08-18 03:57

reporter   ~0026113

Ah, OK, thanks. That's good. I have Ardour 5, so I didn't get any of that. Will try the more recent version.

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