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0008530ardourbugspublic2021-01-06 10:49
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSMacOSOS Version10.12 or later
Product VersionMixbus 6.x 
Summary0008530: ArdourMIDIBindings / all msg data received not executed
DescriptionHi Dev team, congratulations for your genial software.

I've connected my Audient ZEN analog console to Mixbus. The automation of the console faders and mutes works very well using the Audient Faderlink plugin inserted on each track.

The ZEN console has five standard transport buttons: <<, >>, Stop, Play, Record
To be able to remote the Mixbus transport functions, I've built and added a "ZEN console midi map" file (see file attached).

Everytime that a ZEN transport button is pressed, the console sends a sentence of 6 bytes (2x controls msg), like "b0 0f 0e b0 2f 43" in the Stop example.
When the midi map contains <Binding msg="b0 0f 0e b0 2f 43" function="transport-stop"/>, Mixbus ignores the transport function. Nothing occurs.

To trigger Mixbus with success, you should reduce the "sentence to receive" to 3 bytes (1x control msg), like "b0 2f 43" is the same Stop example: <Binding msg="b0 2f 43" function="transport-stop"/>

Using this protocol reduction, there is of course no feedback on the ZEN console, the console buttons remain unlighted.

Many thanks in advance for your cooperation,
happy new year 2021 !
Steps To ReproduceYou should add a new folder: ~/Bibliothèque/Preferences/Mixbus6/midi_maps/
Copy this (file attached) in it

Declare a Generic midi Control surfaces in the Mixbus preferences, and select the "Zen Console master transport" item.
Enable Feedback

Press the ZEN console transport buttons
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2021-01-05 20:28

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2021-01-06 10:49

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Just to add that this solution is not the best (the console buttons remain unlighted), because there's a midi data conflict between the ch#1 mute and the "Go to end" transport function. In consequence, I've inihibited the "transport-end" function in the file.

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