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0008527ardourbugspublic2022-04-16 02:43
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Product VersionMixbus 6.x 
Summary0008527: custom midimap
DescriptionActually, I don know if this is a bug or I am doing something wrong.

I’m trying to configure midimap for a simple Arduino controller with 4 buttons. Can’t get it to work. The same behavior on Ardour 6 and Mixbus 6

Here are midi commands from my Arduino controller:

5229776 Program Change chn 1 50
5286493 Program Change chn 1 51
5319526 Program Change chn 1 52
5364670 Program Change chn 1 53

Incoming Midi on Arduino micro (correct device selected)
The file selected in Control Surfaces/Generic Midi/Midi Bindigs/
The code stored in .config/mixbus6/midi_maps/

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ArdourMIDIBindings version="1.0.0" name="arduino4knobs">
<DeviceInfo bank-size="16"/>
<Binding channel="1" pgm="50" function="Transport/ToggleRoll"/>
<Binding channel="1" pgm="51" function="Transport/record-roll"/>
<Binding channel="1" pgm="52" function="Transport/ToggleRollForgetCapture"/>
<Binding channel="1" pgm="53" function="Transport/ToggleClick"/>
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2021-01-05 16:24

administrator   ~0025378

I think I saw this addressed on the forums or IRC, correct? "function" should be "action" ...


2021-01-06 08:32

reporter   ~0025383

Thanks for your input.

I have tried it but no luck. Must be something else missing.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ArdourMIDIBindings version="1.0.0" name="arduino4knobs">
<DeviceInfo bank-size="16"/>
<Binding channel="1" pgm="50" action="Transport/ToggleRoll"/>
<Binding channel="1" pgm="51" action="Transport/record-roll"/>
<Binding channel="1" pgm="52" action="Transport/ToggleRollForgetCapture"/>
<Binding channel="1" pgm="53" action="Transport/ToggleClick"/>


2021-01-18 09:34

reporter   ~0025432

I just should convert the numbers to decimals and it worked.


2022-04-16 02:43

viewer   ~0026400

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