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0008506ardourfeaturespublic2020-12-16 22:03
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PlatformDebian GNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.5 
Summary0008506: Feature request: Varispeed improves
As said on IRC, I have some problems with the speed control of the play.
I try to use it to record some voices with a different speed (and also tone), but there are many uses where the current design is not comfortable (for example, listen slower to detect easily groove problems).
1 °) The fact that the speed is always reset to 100% (normal speed) each time transport is stopped or playhead is moved is annoying, because we have to start the play, and then change the speed, sometimes hardly because there is no quick tool to go back to a previous selected speed. It induces a 3 or 4 seconds manipulation between each take.
2 °) we can't manually change the speed value, making precise value impossible, for example, access to -1 semitone is impossible, the wheel goes directly from 0 to -2st. Same problem with %, there is a big difference between 87.1% and 103.0 % of the speed. Maybe a spin box appearing with double click on the speed label would achieve this.
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2020-12-16 22:03

reporter   ~0025326

I saw that mouse wheel on the speed wheel affects fine changes, however here ardour crashes when change overlaps 100% (normal speed), I need to investigate before submit an issue.

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