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0008495ardourbugspublic2020-12-13 12:44
Reporterunfa Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformRyzen 7OSManjaro LinuxOS VersionKDE
Product Version6.5 
Summary0008495: MIDI Input list break with a lot of items when selecting an item at the bottom
DescriptionWith a lot of items in the MIDI Input table, ticking a checkbox on the bottom of the list hides that item.

I've attached a video of what happens - I think it explains the situation best.

To reproduce:

Steps To Reproduce1. Create a Carla project with a lot of plug-ins, so that Ardour populates the MIDI Input list with their MIDI Inputs/Outputs.
2. Find your Physical MIDI controller on the very bottom of the list
3. Tick a checkbox
4. See the item disappear
5. Can't scroll down
6. The *only* way to get back the lost list item is to scroll up and then down
TagsMidi, ui



2020-12-13 12:44


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