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0008491ardourbugspublic2020-12-10 00:39
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Summary0008491: Ardour CPU gradually increases while recording
DescriptionI am recording tracks using Ardour. Especially when I have the application take the whole screen (my monitor has a resolution of 3440x1440) the CPU usage gradually increases during recording. This makes the GUI become very stuttery and, more importantly, starts producing tons of xruns which completely kills the take.

I've attached a screenshot where this can be seen. The recording started shortly after the CPU graph begins. In the beginning, everything is normal, but after a while, you can see CPU spikes appearing which also happen in sync with heaps of xruns. Now, in this song, lots of tracks are already disabled, I've seen the CPU spikes often going up to 100%, especially when the session gets more plugins. After stopping the recording, CPU usage will quickly go down to normal. This seems to only happen when recording, I can play back these tracks even with all Plugins activated without any issues.

So far, I could mitigate the problem by reducing the Ardour window size to the smallest size it lets me (helps a lot!) and either disabling all unneeded tracks or render them to temporary tracks and then deactivating them so that the DSP load goes down (helps, but still need to reduce window size). However, even that does not completely mitigate the problem, the CPU spikes are still there, just usually not bad enough to start causing xruns.

I can also see these CPU spiked on a completely new and empty Ardour session where all I do is insert a new Audio track and start recording. However, here they usually remain much lower and don't cause xruns, but they are definitely visible.
Steps To Reproduce* Start Ardour on a large screen
* Start recording a track for longer than 2-3 minutes
* Usually the problem is amplified, if other tracks are already present in the application
Additional InformationI am running Ardour6.3 from the Debian Testing repo
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2020-12-10 00:39


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