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0008488ardourfeaturespublic2021-05-28 09:19
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Product Version6.5 
Summary0008488: Region Transparency
Description(using i3wm)

When moving or dragging a region on top of another, there is a "transparency" effect which allows you to see whatever region's underneath

This is a great feature to simplify editing !

I think it could be expanded a little further by activating this feature when editing a region's fade-in/out, this would make crossfading two regions on the same track much more easy
(a relatively simple workaround is to drag the region on a track just below to set the crossfade and then you can just put the region back into its original track, but this isn't as practical or intuitive imo)

Alternatively, Ableton, Reapers and others have a thing where dragging a fade from one object/region to another automatically turns it into a common crossfade for both objects, which is really neat but probably more complex to implement)

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2020-12-07 18:31

reporter   ~0025292

Nice feature request, I think it can be useful when working with "overlaid layers" just to adjust/correct something.

I just would like to add two comments:

Have you tried the "stacked layers" view for those edits?

Also have in mind that "region fades are crossfades" so you don't need to adjust the two fades, just the one of the topmost region. (

Hope this helps and I think the original request is still valid.


2020-12-08 13:55

reporter   ~0025293

You can achieve this by adjusting the transparency of "opaque region base" in Preferences > Appearance > Colors > Transparency.


2021-05-28 09:19

reporter   ~0025903

+1 for automatic transparency when editing region fades

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