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0008487ardourfeaturespublic2020-12-07 14:42
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Summary0008487: Improving the Editor List - 2
Description(Profile: Ubuntu Studio with Ardour 6.5, using i3wm)

This one is a more specific feature request so I made a separate issue for it if that's okay :)

It would be great to have a way to group regions based on which tracks they're on in the "Regions" panel, in the Editor List:

Ideally it wouldn't be the same as sorting regions by name or length, but would rather be an option that can be toggled on or off which would "group" regions depending on which track they're on
(this option could be accessed by right clicking on the top row of the Editor List, similar to what I described in my previous issue (0008485)

The reason for this distinction would be that the user would have the option to sort regions by any characteristic they want (name, start and so on) while keeping the track structure

Here's a more specific user case:

I have a whole bunch of percussion samples on several tracks
Each track corresponds to a different instrument (Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat etc)

I want to be able to quickly select and edit objects on each individual tracks using the arrow keys
for instance maybe I want to cycle through all of the Hi-hats hits to "Reverse" them

I would simply need to toggle the "group by track" option in the list menu and sort them by their "start" time

Then I could use up and down arrows to cycle through each individual hit and just use the "Reverse" keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-4 by default I believe ? I use Alt-R personally but whatever)

This is secondary but it would also be pretty cool if grouped regions were highlighted with their respective track's color

I don't know how simple/complex to implement this would be and I understand that you may have other priorities but I thought I'd give it a try :)
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