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0008471bugs2020-11-19 11:45
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PlatformAMD RyzenOSManjaroOS VersionKDE
Product Version6.3 
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Summary0008471: Crash on loading session (Thread 29 "audioengine" received signal SIGABRT)
DescriptionI've created a session on one machine running Manjaro (desktop PC). Then I've copied it to another machine also running Manjaro (laptop).

One the desktop it works fine - on the laptop it crashes Ardour every time I try to load it.

I've tried the newest nightly build 6.3.333 in debug and produced a complete backtrace.

I've tested this loading he project in "safe mode" - no difference.

I'm attaching two backtraces from two versions of Ardour.
Additional InformationIf you need a test project, please contact me in person.



2020-11-19 11:37


Ardour gdb dbg.log (28,616 bytes)
Ardour gdb.log (18,250 bytes)


2020-11-19 11:41

reporter   ~0025242

Correction: this happens on loading or creating *any* session. The problem didn't occur before I've updated the system (pacman -Syu), I'll reboot and see if that changes anything.


2020-11-19 11:45

reporter   ~0025243

Allright, rebooting the system fixed the problem.
I wonder if something could be done to communicate such situations to the user and instruct them what to do.
I suspect maybe some libraries on disk were in different versions than in memory?

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