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0008462ardourbugspublic2021-10-12 05:47
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PlatformMicrosoftOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version6.3 
Summary0008462: Transport Controls Are Broken when using ASIO::ZOOM R16_R24 ASIO Driver
DescriptionArdour 6.3
Build: Sep 21 2015 20:12:10

ONLY happens when using the ASIO::ZOOM R16_R24 ASIO Driver in Jack. That driver can be found here:
Steps To Reproduce1. boot windows
2. connect ZOOM R16 via USB, configure R16 as audio interface (click the enter button 3 times)
3. Launch qjackctl (Qt GUI for Jack), click Setup >> Interface, then select ASIO::ZOOM R16_R24 ASIO Driver
4. Start Jack server
5. Launch Ardour 6.3, make a new recording session
6. Begin recording some audio
7. Try normal transport operations with the mouse, stop, start, record enable.
8. Try to use the spacebar and hotkeys.
9. There seems to be some kind of click/key capture logic indexing issue or something because (although I have not yet found a pattern to the malfunctioning) it SEEMS like it is triggering the wrong events or something.
10. Same problems exist in playback mode (not recording)
Additional InformationI am using a lenovo laptop, and my clicking device is the touchpad, so I also tried a USB mouse -- same problem.

It seems like after the first time you click in the "track window" where the audio waveforms are, then the controls work for one or two events, but after that the space bar no longer toggles playback, and then you click on the gui controls, and maybe that works or the second time it does.

If I use the ASIO::ASIO4ALL v2 driver, the transport functions more predictably.

This one is a doozy.



2020-10-29 00:40


transport.PNG (51,698 bytes)   
transport.PNG (51,698 bytes)   


2020-11-05 14:30

reporter   ~0025201

I am happy to help troubleshoot this bug. With a little guidance I'm sure I can get a dev environment up and running so I can test things.
Please let me know what I can do to help! Thanks!


2020-12-19 21:18

reporter   ~0025330

Bump -- I would love to help in resolving this bug. If anyone has any ideas how I can get started, please let me know.


2020-12-23 11:29

reporter   ~0025347

I have similar problems (on Ardour 6.5.0 Intel 64-bit), I click play and then stop and sometimes it continues playing. Space bar does not help but sometimes clicking again it does.

Additionally, I am able to record audio but can't hear it during playback. If I listen to the file in Windows' file explorer it has been properly recorded but can't hear during Ardour playback. Routing is correct as I have the exact same routing settings in my Linux machine and it's working perfectly fine. Do you have this issue @chance_favre ?

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