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0008454ardourbugspublic2020-10-24 20:00
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Product Version6.3 
Summary0008454: Dragging regions creates ghost regions or crashes
DescriptionIn a new session, dragging a sound region to an empty existing track leaves behind a ghost region which I cannot move or interact with. Resizing the track draws a second region askew with the first. Additionally, dragging a region on the same track leaves behind its own ghost, while the existing ghost is always drawn on top of the real region if they are dragged into overlapping positions.

Creating a new session, importing a sound, and dragging the sound into the space below the only track causes ardour to crash instead of creating a new track below as expected.
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2020-10-24 19:31


a-after1.jpg (131,691 bytes)   
a-after1.jpg (131,691 bytes)   
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a-before.jpg (117,688 bytes)   


2020-10-24 19:32

reporter   ~0025149

I forgot to mention that closing and reopening Ardour has no effect. Logging out and even rebooting the computer also has no effect.


2020-10-24 20:00

reporter   ~0025150

Another update: downloading Ardour from directly has resolved these issues for me. The issues I was experiencing were using the version packaged for arch linux:

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