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0008452bugs2020-10-26 21:49
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PlatformDebian GNUOSLinuxOS Version(any)
Product Version6.3 
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Summary0008452: Ardour 6.3 crashes seconds after loading moderately sized session post-reboot
DescriptionI worked without issue on a session, sixteen tracks and a handful of built-in plugins.

After a reboot I am having an issue with this session crashing every time I load, roughly 5-10 seconds after loading. Playback works, editing works, until the crash.

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2020-10-24 05:12


ardour-6.3.gdb (10,414 bytes)


2020-10-24 05:13

reporter   ~0025146

This does not happen when starting a new session, as far as I can tell.


2020-10-24 09:01

administrator   ~0025148

The gdb backtrace is sadly not useful (you need a debug build e.g. from

When opening the session, does using "Safe mode: disable plugins" (checkbox in recent session dialog) help?


2020-10-25 02:32

reporter   ~0025151

Disabling plugins with safe mode does not resolve the issue.

For reference, there are 3564 resources defined on the (default) right-side panel.

I'm unable to install the nightly build:

Verifying archive integrity... 100% All good.
 Uncompressing Ardour 100%

Welcome to the Ardour installer

Ardour will be installed for user kf in /opt

[sudo] password for kf:
Sat 24 Oct 2020 09:32:09 PM CDT
Architecture is x86_64
Checking for required disk space

!!! ERROR !!! - Insufficient disk space in /tmp/selfgz1712921
Install requires 1491490184 bytes and
there is only 1062330368 bytes of free space

Press ENTER to exit installer:

Output of df -h
?df -h
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
udev 7.8G 0 7.8G 0% /dev
tmpfs 1.6G 1.8M 1.6G 1% /run
/dev/mapper/kfbook--vg-root 23G 7.9G 14G 37% /
tmpfs 7.8G 278M 7.5G 4% /dev/shm
tmpfs 5.0M 0 5.0M 0% /run/lock
tmpfs 4.0M 0 4.0M 0% /sys/fs/cgroup
/dev/sda2 237M 149M 76M 67% /boot
/dev/mapper/kfbook--vg-tmp 1.8G 5.7M 1.7G 1% /tmp
/dev/sdb1 511M 5.4M 506M 2% /boot/efi
/dev/mapper/kfbook--vg-var 9.2G 5.3G 3.4G 62% /var
/dev/mapper/kfbook--vg-home 867G 89G 734G 11% /home
tmpfs 1.6G 52K 1.6G 1% /run/user/1000

I realize there's no support offered for these builds, but is there another way to install? What might I be missing?


2020-10-25 22:48

administrator   ~0025152

!!! ERROR !!! - Insufficient disk space in /tmp/selfgz1712921
/dev/mapper/kfbook--vg-tmp 1.8G 5.7M 1.7G 1% /tmp

The install unzips itself to /tmp first, you can try

 chmod +x

or install it manually in steps, see `./ --help`


2020-10-25 22:52

administrator   ~0025153

> For reference, there are 3564 resources defined on the (default) right-side panel.

That is a lot, but not usually an issue of concern. Another guess: Ardour runs out of Memory. Perhaps caching waveforms for all those regions (which are rendered in the background).
does `dmesg` show some "OOM" message?


2020-10-26 00:01

reporter   ~0025154

Thank you for the assist here.

I was able to install the debug version 6.3.246-dbg-x86_64-gcc5

I'm using ALSA in lieu of JACK, which hasn't been an issue in the past. Not sure of the details regarding memory and if it could be causing the issue I'm seeing.

Opening and playing the session is now working, without crashing, but the audio is overloading and the DSP indicator is between 95%-100% where it usually is 0000023:0000020% average. This only happens when plugins are *enabled,* playback and editing seem to work fine without crashing on the debug build w/ safe mode enabled.

To summarize:

Release Build:
Without Safe mode, nominal DSP, overflows detected and aborts.
With Safe mode, nominal DSP, overflows detected and aborts.

Debug Build:
Without safe mode, extreme DSP, overflows ignored (?), playback continues without abort but is choppy.
With safe mode, nominal DSP, playback continues, no aborts.

Here's a gist including the output of a few configuration files, the "Help -> About -> Config" output, as well as the Ardour stdout output for both debug and release executions. No core file to be had, yet, until I can reproduce a crash w/ the debug g


2020-10-26 00:03

reporter   ~0025155

Whoops, didn't realize my syntax error in the last note, "0000023:0000020% average." should read " about 20% average"


2020-10-26 03:04

reporter   ~0025156

No "oom" in `dmesg`, nor anything else of note.


2020-10-26 14:04

administrator   ~0025157

Does an optimized nightly build 6.3-250 also crash?

Debug builds need more DSP (sometimes twice that of an optimized version). What buffersize / sample-rate are you using (Menu > Window > Audio/MIDI Setup)

Also Ardour/ALSA (and other built-in backends) report worst-case DSP load, while JACK averages it (I've seen cases where jack reported 30% on average, but there were x-runs -- occasionally spikes 100% load, but still low average).


2020-10-26 21:49

reporter   ~0025158

Good news (I hope) - the optimized nightly build seems to work fine, without any crashing (yet).

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