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0008445bugs2020-10-19 19:38
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PlatformLinux x86_64OSLinuxOS Version5.9.1
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Summary0008445: High DSP load on a modern processor
DescriptionAn amazing result was found on the new computer with i9-10920X CPU, compared to the old one on i7-3930K.

In the new clean session, DSP load:
i9-10920X - 11%
i7-3930K - 3%

The same version of linux is freshly installed on both computers.

Free Optimized Ardour Nightly Builds 6.3.219
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2020-10-18 13:17

administrator   ~0025127

The CPU often has little to do with this.

It's usually the mainboard or some other component that block the flow of data for some time:


2020-10-19 18:55

reporter   ~0025134

Thanks! Removed Intel Speed Shift in the BIOS and the DSP load became 3%

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