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0008430ardourbugspublic2020-09-29 19:47
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSMacOSOS Version10.12 or later
Product Version6.3 
Summary0008430: Ardour plays longer than selected range

selecting a range, Ardour always plays longer than selected

With short buffer sizes in Audio MIDI setup this is small, but with bigger buffers it is significant
Steps To Reproduceusing Robin’s session

I select a region from Spike 1 to Spike 2 (they are 1920 samples apart)
Play range/selection : I hear, and see on meters, both spikes

with 16 sample buffer size (in Audio MID setup)
If I select a region from Spike 1 1889 samples or more in length (though less than 1920 samples in length)
Play range/selection : I hear both spikes (and Spike 2 shows on its track meter)

If I select a region starting from Spike 1 1888 samples or less
Play range/selection : I hear only the first click, and see only Spike 1 meter

with 32 sample buffer
select a region 1873 samples starting from Spike 1, Play range/selection : I hear/see both spikes
select a region 1872 samples starting from Spike 1, Play range/selection : I only see/hear 1 spike

with 64 sample buffer

region 1852 from Spike 1 - see/hear both spikes
region 1826* from Spike 1 - only 1 spike
(*I can’t seem to drag/select a duration between 1826 & 1852 - the value just jumps)

128 sample buffer
region 1777 both spikes
region 1776

256 sample buffer
region 1649 both spikes
region 1648 only 1 spike

512 sample buffer
region 1391 both spikes
region 1390 only 1 spike

1024 sample buffer
880 samples 2 spikes
879 samples 1 spike

the smallest distance I can select starting at Spike 1 is 26 samples but I still hear both spikes and see them on the track meter

Maybe irrelevant, but watching the screen, in 2056 buffer size, the play head (red line) starts at Spike 1 but flashes near spike 2 even with only 26 samples selected (Play range/selection)
Additional InformationScreenshot attached shows 1394 sample selection starting at first sound and stopping 526 samples before 2nd sound, but both meters show audio
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2020-09-29 19:47


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