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0008425ardourfeaturespublic2020-09-27 13:19
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Summary0008425: A better routing grid
DescriptionI know that there is a routing grid and maybe I am not used with it, but from my point of view it is easier when working with a patchage. I propose something like a patchage routing in Ardour (regardless of the audio engine).
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2020-09-27 07:41

reporter   ~0025061

why not just use patchage?


2020-09-27 07:46

reporter   ~0025063

If Ardour will use other engine than jack, say ALSA, I don't know if an external routing program will help. I am refering to internal Ardour routing.


2020-09-27 07:50

reporter   ~0025065

I honestly didn't even know it was possible to run ardour on dry ALSA. I use jack on top of alsa for music production as well as pulse on top of alsa for gnome playback. learn something new every day I guess.

this feature would be cool, I mean, I just use carla or catia for a patchbay because ardour's patchbay isn't as intuitive.


2020-09-27 13:19

administrator   ~0025066

A "wire display" is unlikely to happen since it doesn't scale. With more than 20 wires when it becomes a visual mess.

We had planned to replace it with a connection-grid (inspired by the x-router), but these days a lot of Soundcards come with a web-interface mixer that has a matrix very much like Ardour's.
And a matrix is very efficient to connect many ports with a single mouse click + drag.

> I honestly didn't even know it was possible to run ardour on dry ALSA.

It's the preferred and recommended way since Ardour 4.0, especially if you use MIDI it's a lot less painful to get started.

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