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0008405ardourfeaturespublic2020-09-13 21:30
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Product Version6.3 
Summary0008405: Cannot manually route audio to the Monitoring Bus
DescriptionI was trying to find a way to route a track output to session's monitoring bus, but it seems to be hard wired to only work with the master bus.
Is there an explicit reason for that?
Is there a hidden way to send other tracks to Monitoring bus as well?

My use case:

A track is used to capture Master bus output and perform editing (looping audio to export seamlessly looping files) - not possible on the master directly.
The track has Master as input, so I can record there and 1+2 system as output.
However when using the Monitoring bus, I'd prefer to send both Master and that track to Monitoring - it seems to not be possible.
The only way I see is to route the Bounce track's output to Master, which creates a feedback loop, so I'd probably need to fiddle with routing every time I want to switch between recording or playing back - which is not ideal.

I see my workflow is a bit unusual, but if Monitoring bus was available in the routing grid, I could just route my Bounce track to it and have it all work smoothly.

What do you think?
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