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0008395ardourfeaturespublic2020-09-30 21:55
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Summary0008395: Export as a loop
DescriptionIt would be very great if we could export a range as a loop.
It would be the export of the second play pass of the looped range. This would allow to get the end of the effects at the beginning of the exported sample.



2020-09-27 07:45

reporter   ~0025062

honestly I had trouble exporting a looped file without a little gap on repeat even when the source wav looped perfectly. this was a few years ago; that may or may not have been corrected since. have you tried exporting a dry mix and checking if it even loops?


2020-09-27 07:47

reporter   ~0025064

for what you want to do; just duplicate the file within ardour and export a range corresponding to the second loop? would that work?


2020-09-30 21:55

reporter   ~0025088

Unfortunately no, I need the late FX (reverb, delays) of the end of the loop mixed at the beginning of the loop. So i think i need to export the second pass of the loop.
Or it is another way to do this ?

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