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0008368ardourbugspublic2020-08-19 09:00
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Product Version6.2 
Summary0008368: Strict I/O not working on MIDI tracks?
DescriptionPlease watch this quick demonstration of the problem:

It seems that Strict-I/O on a MIDI track doesn't really constrain the output channel count like I thought it would.
Am I doing something wrong? is this expected behaviour?



2020-08-19 04:22

administrator   ~0024939


Midi Synths. When adding a synth at a point where there is a Midi port only, the synthesizer plugin will add audio output ports, which trickle down the processor chain to all follow up plugins as inputs and in turn force their outputs to match.


2020-08-19 09:00

reporter   ~0024941

I see. I'd expect the Strict-I/O to make sure the port layout doesn't change after the first instrument plug-in. But maybe that doesn't make sense, because there's so many different things that could be done here that'd break... Thought if they do - the user could just switch to Flexible-I/O.

I guess Strict-I/O only works if we have also audio ports in the MIDI track - for a Vocoder plug-in for example?

Do you think it could make sense to alter it's behaviour for MIDI tracks/buses?

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