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0008352ardourbugspublic2021-02-04 12:23
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Product Version6.2 
Summary0008352: MIDI Control "Smoothing" fixes
Description1. The name is misleading - I thought it's a lowpass effect on the control motion, but it's a threshold of changes that'll be rejected if farther than X from the current control position. Mixxx calls this "Smooth Takeover" which I think is much more helpful. Please rename.

2. Also a tooltip would be nice to explain what this dos.

3. The default is at 10 which means is the user performs a fast movement and the CC change will be higher than 10 in a single frame - which is super easy to do - the control will fail to follow user's actions, which is completely unexpected and feels like a bug. I personally set it to 127 (maximum) for this reason, as recording any fast automation will inevitably result in glitched out captures. Until this can be fixed I'd recommend setting default to 127.

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2020-08-08 15:28

administrator   ~0024905

This isn't actually 100% dependent on user behavior. Device behavior plays a role too. Some devices, if you do a full knob/fader sweep from start to finish will send every value from 0 to 127. Some will leave gaps, of varying sizes. I have devices that send every value, send every 16, and send every 30 or so.


2021-02-04 00:11

reporter   ~0025485

I spent hour to figure out why my expression pedal "was not working properly" while there is this undocumented setting that is set by default to a value which lead to a misbehavior. The default should be 127 or "no smoothing".


2021-02-04 02:59

administrator   ~0025486

Sorry you had to spend that long on it.

Unfortunately, there is no "correct" default value for smoothing. I have devices that only function well with almost opposite settings. FIxing the default for your expression pedal would just break it for something else.


2021-02-04 07:30

reporter   ~0025487

In this case, can you at least put a word about this in the manual?


2021-02-04 12:23

reporter   ~0025489

I've covered issues I have with this feature in my Ardour MIDI Masterclass:

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