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0008340ardourbugspublic2020-07-27 21:05
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Product Version6.2 
Summary0008340: Track Rename not possible via double-click if Track is in record mode
Descriptionsee title
Steps To ReproduceEditor is active view. I have a track with audio.

Normally I can double click the track name (default; "Audio") so that I the track name get editable (selected text, blinking cursor) and can enter a new track name, press ENTER to make it persistent.

I observed that sometimes my double clicks on the the track name has no effect.
I could not rename the track. It took me some days to figure out...

=> When the track is engaged for recording (Shift+B) its not possible to rename the track.
Double click is ignored. Nothing happens.
Wow! Very surprising!

Insecure if this is a bug or a feature?
If its a feature, then a message box explaining "Renaming not possible, if track is in record mode" would be nice.
Additional InformationThe same is true for MIDI tracks.
(Of course no bug on audio busses, as there is no record mode here) ;-)
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