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0008325ardourbugspublic2020-07-27 18:23
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Summary0008325: stereo width control missing
DescriptionTried the main download of Ardour 6.2 (not the nightly build). Stereo width control is missing from stereo channels.

Searched both the forum and Mantis and couldn't find any info on this. Am I missing some Preferences switch to turn it on? Was it removed by design?

I understand it goes against the 'design concept' of Mixbus, but I expected it to still be fully functional in Ardour.
Steps To ReproduceCreate a stereo channel



2020-07-21 13:16

administrator   ~0024775

Ardour 6 changed the default panner for new stereo tracks to a balance control (to avoid various artifacts that stereo-panners have).
Right-click allows to change it back to stereo -- see also


2020-07-21 13:48

reporter   ~0024776

Thanks for the heads up. The right click menu was the first place I looked, and the Stereo Panner was not available.


2020-07-26 02:08

administrator   ~0024808

The stereo panner not being available is suggesting that you got Ardour from a Linux distribution that has not packaged it correctly.

Is this the case?


2020-07-26 19:02

reporter   ~0024814

I got it from the download link on the Ardour website after renewing my subscription and logging back in.

Strangely, the download was a .run instead of a .tar file. I can try the same download again and see what I get.


2020-07-26 19:05

administrator   ~0024815

*.run is correct for a binary installer.


2020-07-26 19:56

reporter   ~0024816

Ok, tried again. Same download from the Ardour download page appears to be the same file. Uninstalled 6.2.0 and reinstalled from the fresh download. No change.

Tried latest nightly build 6.2.96 and the Stereo Panner is still not available on the panner right-click menu. 'Equal Power Stereo' and 'Stereo Balance' are the only 2 options.


2020-07-26 20:57

administrator   ~0024817

"Equal Power Stereo" is the one that has the width control.

The one without the width control is only available for "mono" tracks.

The formal names for the two actual panners is "1in/2out" and "2in/2out". Only the latter has a width option.


2020-07-27 04:13

reporter   ~0024818

There it is. Switching from Balance Control to Equal Power comes up with the width collapsed to mono by default. That's what threw me, haven't seen that for quite some time. Grab the slider and expand the width is working. Thanks.


2020-07-27 17:06

reporter   ~0024823

One further comment - although I'm accustomed to seeing the width control as soon as I create a stereo channel, having the alternate panner default to mono is actually very cool. Because you can get a mono fold in one click without soloing the channel or folding the whole mix to mono. Neat idea.


2020-07-27 18:14

administrator   ~0024824

The equal-power stereo panner only allows to pan the signal after reducing the width. And reducing the width introduces comb-filter artifacts in most signals (incl. many stereo synths).
Personally I think this panner is only useful for some very specific case and it was never a good default.


2020-07-27 18:17

reporter   ~0024825

Wouldn't you get the same filter artifacts by using 2 panned mono channels to set the width?


2020-07-27 18:23

administrator   ~0024827

only if the signals are correlated.

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