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0008316ardourbugspublic2020-07-23 16:24
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Product Version6.2 
Summary0008316: instrument plug-ins with audio inputs are not listed in the Add Track/Bus/VCA instrument plug-in list
DescriptionCreating a MIDI track with the Surge synthesizer is not as easy as with say - Helm or Zyn-Fusion.

Surge has aux audio input for vocoder effect, but I think Ardour gets thrown off by this and doesn't include it in the instrument list, even though the plug-in is available in the
Steps To Reproduce1. install Surge plug-in
2. Attempt to add a MIDI track with it
3. Realize it's not on the list in the Add track/Bus/VCA dialog
4. Revert to creating a MIDI track with whatever in and replace it afterwards
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2020-07-18 13:52

administrator   ~0024760

our definition for "is an instrument":

    (n_inputs.n_midi() != 0) && (n_outputs.n_audio() > 0) && (n_inputs.n_audio() == 0);

for VST plugins, since they come with developer-provided categories, we also check the plugins own "is instrument" setting.


2020-07-18 13:55

reporter   ~0024761

Yeah, that's exactly what I would expect.
Surge LV2 also is tagged an an instrument, so I guess it should be easy to correct this, what do you think?
Screenshot_20200718_155416.png (9,813 bytes)   
Screenshot_20200718_155416.png (9,813 bytes)   


2020-07-18 13:57

administrator   ~0024762

We could look at the "ardour-level" tags too, I suppose.


2020-07-18 14:02

reporter   ~0024763

Thanks! I got very confused by this at first and I expect other users will be too, so if we can sort it out for them - that'd be great.


2020-07-23 16:23

administrator   ~0024795

Last edited: 2020-07-23 16:24

We also use plugin categories as defined by upstream: For LV2: and VST's with effFlagsIsSynth

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