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0008307bugs2020-09-11 10:32
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Summary0008307: Fan out creates redundant audio routing
DescriptionRecently when I was using Geonkick (16-channel) in Ardour 6.0 I've noticed that when I add the plug-in and enable the fan-out routing in Ardour - it'll create 16 mono buses, and route appropriate plug-in outputs to them, but it'll also leave the 16 outputs being sent to Master (odd sent to Master L, and even sent to Master R).

I would expect the "default" direct routing from the MIDI track to the Master bus to be removed if there's buses created between them.
Additional InformationHere you an see me adding a MIDI track with Geonkick using fan-out, and later fixing the audio routing:
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related to 0008317 closedx42 MIDI track are created with no output routing 



2020-07-13 15:47

administrator   ~0024727

That seems like a bug.
However I cannot reproduce this with AVLDrums or drumgizmo. Can you?
Ardour 6.2?

I don't have geonkick installed, one explanation would be that it does specify an additional master out in its LV2 meta-data.


2020-07-13 17:06

administrator   ~0024730

Sadly I cannot reproduce this with geonkick either.
geonkick v2.2.3-5-g829e602 (current git), Ardour 6.2.0 from (ALSA backend)


2020-07-13 21:32

reporter   ~0024733

I need to test with 6.2, maybe it's fixed there already. I'll let know if it still happens there.


2020-07-13 23:53

administrator   ~0024735

Testing with a build (demo is fine) would be useful.

I also checked with JACK just now and cannot reproduce the issue here (jack 1.9.12 from debian/stable), but taking JACK out of the loop would be another thing to try.


2020-07-18 23:39

administrator   ~0024768

Fixed since Ardour 6.2-42-gc778ded411


2020-07-18 23:52

reporter   ~0024769

Fantastic! Thank you!

Fruit tree

2020-08-11 19:22

reporter   ~0024916

I installed Ardour with the AUR package ardour-git:

~ $ ardour6 --version
Ardour6.2.160 (built using 6.2-160-g0ddaf3fe68 and GCC version 10.1.0)

Which seems like a more recent version than `6.2-42-gc778ded411` if I don't completely misunderstand the version numbers?
And I have a similar issue described here
I don't know if this is a regression or a different issue altogether.


2020-08-11 19:33

administrator   ~0024917

Seems like a different issue, 0008307 was about connections.
When fanned out the MIDI track was connected both to the master-bus **AND** the fanned-out busses.

Fruit tree

2020-08-11 20:25

reporter   ~0024918

Ok thanks. I submitted issue 8359.


2020-09-11 10:32

viewer   ~0025027

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