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0008291ardourfeaturespublic2020-07-17 08:27
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Summary0008291: Add "move playhead to start of region"
DescriptionWhen multiple clips are recorded, either midi regions or audio clips, it is useful to be able to move the playhead to the exact point where the recording starts. This facilitates copy pasting, shifting of clips and any operations that need these events to be placed at the same point. There should be a shortcut key to move the playhead to the correct position
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2020-07-09 09:26

reporter   ~0024658

To clarify, this is the specifically one clip region's start, and not from the list of regions


2020-07-09 18:09

administrator   ~0024664

Check Menu > Transport > Playhead > ...

"Playhead to prev/next region boundary" (Shift+Alt + Left/Right) sounds like what you want.

If you select a track, this operation only looks for region boundaries on the selected track(s).


2020-07-09 21:51

reporter   ~0024668

The shift+alt+L/R selects boundaries based on the track. It doesn't focus on the clip level, so all boundaries in a track are valid, even if there is a boundary in the middle of a clip. What i'm talking about is the boundary of one clip


2020-07-11 03:24

administrator   ~0024684

so you mean move playhead to start of selected region ? and if > 1 region is selected, move to earliest region start?

it would have to require selection because in the scenario you're alluding to, there's a strong chance of the mouse pointer being inside more than one region.

so perhaps you mean move-playhead-to-earliest-start-of-selected-region-or-if-no-selected-region-then-uppermost-region-under-pointer ?


2020-07-11 17:09

reporter   ~0024704

What i meant was to Move-playhead-to-clip-start/end , and no-move-playhead-if-no-clip-selected. To be fair, playhead to prev/next boundary works as well, but it's a minor annoyance when there's many boundaries between the one that I want.


2020-07-11 17:46

administrator   ~0024709

which clip?


2020-07-11 18:56

reporter   ~0024710

The latest selected clip.


2020-07-11 19:13

administrator   ~0024712

When you say "clip" do you mean "region" ?


2020-07-17 08:27

reporter   ~0024758

From my perspective, a clip is a record of events within a span of time. On a track the clip is represented as a movable block of data. A range is a selected span of time, and once the data from maybe multiple clips is copied and pasted, is a region, though i've seen a range referred to as a region. The ardour documentation refers to a region as "represents a single contiguous section of one or more media files".

so yes by clip i probably mean region. And by move-playhead-to-start/end, i mean if (isclipselected()){ with last-selected-clip: move-playhead-to-start/end }

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