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0008252ardourotherpublic2020-06-16 17:43
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008252: midi step entry does not insert notes at playhead but uses position when step entry is started
DescriptionJust a note about user expectation

When using midi record step entry, clicking on the midi keyboard should insert a note at the spot where the playhead is at. However, currently once step entry is enabled, using the keyboard to insert is from where the playhead is at the moment step entry is enabled. On the one hand, it might seem logical to keep a list buffer of all input notes once step entry is enabled and therefore all notes start from that position, but, the playhead is still movable, indicating multi modal user interaction is possible, and hence the user should be able to move the playhead to another position and expect the step entry input to use that position for the next note input.
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