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0008249ardourfeaturespublic2020-06-15 22:07
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Summary0008249: hide/show fan-out destinations
Description<speak> Would be nice to be able to visually collapse a group (say the 16 fanned out tracks of drumgizmo) so that I can get a better visual overview of the project
<las> speak: it would be lovely if that was simple. some years ago a skilled developer tried to add "folder tracks" and eventually gave up
<speak> Ah dang!
<las> speak: it does seem as if there is a half-way house, which is not full folder tracks, but some operation to hide/show the destination busses/tracks
<speak> Yeah, that would already be a huge step forward
<las> speak: the fanned out tracks were created ... how/when ?
<speak> Upon loading the drumgizmo plugin by ticking the fan out checkbox
<speak> (which btw is a new feature yeah? I don't recall seeing that before)
<las> speak: would it work to just hide the fan out tracks?
<speak> Yes :) (and a toggle / way to show them again, of course)
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