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0008241ardourfeaturespublic2020-06-15 13:27
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu StudioOS Version19.10 x64
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008241: "Notes sounds even from the middle" - MODE
DescriptionIt would be very convenient if a playback mode appeared in Ardour, in which the notes sound even if the playback was started from the middle of the note.
In fact, I see no problem even in making such behavior default.
Additional InformationWhen I make pads (background sounds) using MIDI instruments, it is very annoying that the notes sound only if the playing started before they started or together with them. I make very long notes. Some notes sound the whole track, as much as 3 minutes. It turns out that I can only hear it when I work with the very beginning of the track, but then I have to do all sorts of dumb things, like breaking this note into short notes, or creating an additional AUDIO track in which I record all this long note so that when When writing a track, it was possible to work normally and hear the sound of this note from anywhere in the track. This spends extra space in the track space and spends a lot of time re-recording these auxiliary tracks in case I changed the sound of the synthesizer or changed the original note.

This makes the creative process less mobile. I don’t feel like experimenting with the note and sound so often when I have 3 minutes of recorded sound, which I will then have to record 3 minutes later.
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