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0008222ardourbugspublic2020-06-30 14:18
ReporterCristian Ramos Assigned To 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntuOS Version18.04
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008222: "Save As Template"
DescriptionSave as template also exports track automation
and then it is imported when loading a template in another session

another error occurs if I drag an existing midi into the session
it is reproduced to the BPM of the template and not that of the session
Additional InformationArdor obtained from git and manually compiled
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Cristian Ramos

2020-06-12 05:48

reporter   ~0024456

I made a mistake believing the region is playing to another BPM
In fact, even if it is in the same starting place, it sounds out of time
It is out of place


2020-06-29 15:32

administrator   ~0024526

Sorry I don't understand this bug report.

1) if you import a MIDI file, and the file has tempo information, you have the option to import that to the global tempo map. There is only 1 tempo map in Ardour (as in most (but not all) DAWs), so the MIDI will play back according to the tempo map. If you don't import the temp map, then the MIDI will play along to the existing tempo map (default; 120bpm, 4/4 meter)

2) I don't understand the distinction between "the BPM of the template" and "the BPM of the session"

Cristian Ramos

2020-06-30 14:18

reporter   ~0024531

sorry i have a lot of difficulty with the english language
I will create separately, because it included two errors in a single ticket

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