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0008220ardourotherpublic2020-06-09 10:04
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008220: Unable to export mp3
DescriptionUnable to export mp3, gets error message
"2020-06-08T19:51:28 [ERROR]: Export failed: External encoder (ffmpeg) is not available.
2020-06-08T19:51:28 [ERROR]: Export initialisation failed: External encoder (ffmpeg) is not available."
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2020-06-08 17:56



2020-06-08 18:53

administrator   ~0024438

For mp3 encoding ardour uses "ffmpeg", that comes with the Ardour's video-tools which is now no longer optional when you install on Windows.

Have you perhaps installed Ardour in a location other than C:\Program Files\ ? Does the Folder C:\Program Files\Ardour6\video exist?


2020-06-09 09:42

reporter   ~0024440

this folder is installed in c:\Program Files\Ardour6\Video does exist, however it only contains harvid and xjadeo.
I have also had issues opening video as it says it cannot connect to harvid or xjadeo :(


2020-06-09 09:51

reporter   ~0024441

Just realised, this could be due to me renaming the ardour 6 folder as I have both 32 and 64 bit installed, so I could differentiate them.
Gonna try again now after renaming my folder to the default


2020-06-09 10:04

reporter   ~0024442

nope didn't fix anything.

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