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0008218bugs2020-11-11 10:56
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Product Version6.0 
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Summary0008218: MIDI notes paste unpredictably and sometimes not at all
DescriptionCopying and pasting MIDI notes breaks in a lot of different ways.
Sometimes pasting happens in the wrong track
Sometimes pasting happens at the wrong spot in the right track
Sometimes pasting happens at the wrong spot in the wrong track
Sometimes pasting fails entirely

Steps To ReproduceThis happens very very frequently, so any midi session should do. Just edit around. Work in a session and you'll start to see oddities.
Additional InformationVideo of an errant paste here. Note where my cursor is when i paste and then where the notes appear.
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2020-09-17 16:27

reporter   ~0025041

I just upgraded to 6.3.40 and this is still an issue


2020-11-11 10:56

reporter   ~0025213

Confirming this in Ardour 6.3.0, Ubuntu 20.04.1

Copying and pasting MIDI notes within a track frequently results in them being pasted into different, unselected MIDI track.

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