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0008215bugs2020-07-21 22:26
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Summary0008215: MIDI notes sometimes not updating. Have to restart to get Ardour to register additions/movements.
DescriptionMIDI notes sometimes not updating. Have to restart to get Ardour to register additions/movements.
Steps To ReproduceImport some midi tracks into a session.
Move some notes around
Play again, movements won't have registered.
Additional InformationExamples here. Note that moving some "crash" notes to "ride" doesn't immediately update.
Then, notice that adding 4 count-off "stick" notes at the beginning doesn't register, but then the ride notes register.
Something is amiss with midi note updating.
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2020-06-27 11:30

reporter   ~0024514

I experience the same issue. After importing a midi file, changes within the midi region are not reflected in the playback.

Current workaroud: one can drag the imported midi from the region list onto a new track. But that gets cumbersome after a while.


2020-07-02 13:19

reporter   ~0024559

Still having issues of this nature. Here's an example where I'm moving all notes in a midi track from channel 1 to channel 3 and they should sound like fingered bass. But they continue to sound like piano (channel 1).


2020-07-18 15:58

administrator   ~0024764

I am unable to reproduce these behaviors.

Can you verify that this only happens with imported MIDI ? If you create the MIDI from scratch do the same issues still occur?


2020-07-18 16:54

reporter   ~0024765

Yes, it only happens with imported MIDI. Recording/drawing in MIDI from scratch does not come with this issue.


2020-07-21 22:26

reporter   ~0024780

Not sure if this is related, but there seem to be other "not updating" problems on midi tracks. I dragged an instance of fluidsynth from a drum track over to a bass track. I went into the new instance and changed the sf2 file to the "strings" sf2 file instead of my "drums" sf2 file (the setting had come over from the drag+drop).

But when I pressed play, my bass line was making drum sounds. I opened up the instance of fluidsynth for the bass track and verified that the notes on channel 3 should have sounded like "fingered" bass. Closed the window and tried again. Still drum sounds.

Closed ardour. Opened session again. Now it sounds like bass.

So yeah, just some weird "not registering the recent things changes I've made" type errors.

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