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Summary0008214: Overall gain addition/subtraction calculator for a-EQ
DescriptionAs you're messing with a-EQ's bands, moving some up, some down, etc... it would be nice to have a realtime calculator of how much overall gain you've added or subtracted.

So you remove a bit of treble and add a ton of bass... how does that translate into overall db output? This would allow you to compensate with the main output knob to get back to +/- 0 db.
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2020-06-06 15:33

administrator   ~0024422

Say you boost the and 10kHz EQ band by 10dB, and then play bass, pretty much nothing happens. If you do the same on a lead-guitar track, significant gain is added.


2020-06-27 19:55

reporter   ~0024516

I think you can close this. I understand what you're saying. Overall DB measurement is meaningless unless you know the incoming signal is broad (and even) spectrum.

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