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0008199bugs2020-06-04 09:16
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PlatformIntel i3 laptopOSLinuxOS VersionMint 19 Cinnamon
Product Version6.0 
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Summary0008199: Opening v5.12 files in v6 created lots of new files
Description1st attached photo is warning that pops up.
2nd photo shows:
   2 red arrows are the two original snapshots created in v5.12
   3 blue dots are the newly created files each time I open from on of these new files...another new one gets created again.

This all started when I wanted to continue working on the first snapshot (first red arrow) in v6.

Only when working with the first newly created file (first blue dot) does any of my changes get saved. All others I tried to open, I find none of my changes are kept.

Could this be a bug, or am I just not doing this correctly?
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2020-06-04 09:16


Session Setup.png (18,963 bytes)
Session Setup.png (18,963 bytes)

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