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0008196ardourbugspublic2020-06-02 23:32
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PlatformPCOSManjaro LinuxOS VersionKDE
Product Version6.0 
Summary0008196: Ardour can't locate any MIDI files after creating a snapshot and reloading it
DescriptionI'm working on a session I've last touched 6 months ago using Ardour 5.12, and I'm having lots of issues.

It seems that all MIDI files are in place inside `/interchange/Session Name/midi/` - however Ardour suddenly seems to be unable to locate any of that. Audio regions are fine though.

Other snapshots of the same session load fine.

I'm willing to send you the entire project for inspection, but it's around 2.2 GB in size.

Steps To ReproduceI have no idea.
Additional InformationI'm attaching a screenshot from an error message that pops out when this problem manifested.
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2020-06-02 20:54



2020-06-02 21:19

administrator   ~0024353

The files should be in `interchange/Session Name/midifiles/` not `interchange/Session Name/midi/`

Could it be that you've set a custom search path for a specific snapshot only?


2020-06-02 23:32

reporter   ~0024359

My bad. I've written the path from memory, of course it's `midifiles`.

I don't even know where to change that to be honest.

What's strange is that once I saved another snapshot, it worked fine (so far).
But before that two snapshots would not load most or any MIDI data.

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