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0008179ardourfeaturespublic2020-06-01 06:58
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Summary0008179: Free channel values for tracks and busses
DescriptionActually :
- the Master bus can be set up to 24 channels
- a track or a bus can be set up to only 12 channels
- additionnal Audio Ports can be added, but one by one up to the desired value (a script can be used to improve this...)
- Export : it is not possible to type a number of channels superior than 20 ?

Since :
- it is now common to work with immersive sound and HOA with channels values up to 64 (or more)
- Ardour supports an "unlimited" number of channels
it would be useful to be able to set directly the correct values when starting a project and creating the tracks / busses, and to remove the apparent limit of 20 channels from bus Export ?
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