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0008173ardourbugspublic2020-07-11 09:56
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Product Version6.0 
Summary0008173: Loop ranges don't loop
DescriptionLoop ranges don't loop
Steps To ReproduceCreate session
Create loop range
Right-click marker and select "Loop range" (not visible in my video)
Playhead will just keep on going past the end of the loop range
Additional InformationDemonstration here:

(ignore the guitar solo. I was just effing around... yeah that's the ticket)
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related to 0008151 new Playhead carries on past loop when looping then reaches session end stopping loop 



2020-06-27 19:58

reporter   ~0024518

This one is still a problem as of 6.0.143. Seems like a pretty big deal to me which means either I'm wrong about that (people don't use the loop range feature much) or it's not actually broken and I'm simply doing something wrong.

Can someone at least confirm/reproduce?


2020-06-29 07:01

reporter   ~0024523

I was experiencing the same thing (v 6.0.178). Looping works when first creating the loop range by marking a range and clicking "loop range" via context menu, which is accompanied by a green shade over all tracks indicating the loop is active. But then re-starting the loop from e.g. the context menu of the created loop/punch range markers does not loop, also no green shading.


2020-06-30 07:15

reporter   ~0024527

I get definitely get some weird behaviour on looping. Works for a few loops but after a while sometimes little time offsets start to appear between tracks and sometimes the cursor wanders off past the end of the loop range - the audio keeps looping but the cursor keeps moving forward with a mind of its own.


2020-07-06 00:56

administrator   ~0024608

This should now be fixed in git.


2020-07-08 15:07

administrator   ~0024636

rescinding my previous comment. I need lots more details/recipe because I cannot replicate this behavior.


2020-07-08 15:10

administrator   ~0024637

Last edited: 2020-07-08 15:17

I watched the video and i do not see what you did at the beginning that would have been expected to cause loop playback anyway. The existence of a loop range does not mean that ardour will loop.


2020-07-08 15:27

reporter   ~0024638

Doesn't quite work yet. If you tell it to "loop range" while it's playing anywhere, it'll fail. if the playhead is stopped, and you do "loop range", it'll work


2020-07-08 17:01

administrator   ~0024640

I cannot replicate that behavior in the current code. We're about to release 6.2 so please check that out.


2020-07-08 17:14

reporter   ~0024645

I'm using 6.2, so the nightly version number says.


2020-07-09 06:27

reporter   ~0024655

Don't you need to press the Loop play button ( shortcut L ) to loop?


2020-07-09 10:08

reporter   ~0024660

" Doesn't quite work yet. If you tell it to "loop range" while it's playing anywhere, it'll fail. if the playhead is stopped, and you do "loop range", it'll work "

Have you installed Ardour 6 pre nightly releases and do you use their config files in official Ardour 6? I remember having a similar problem (by invoke looping via "L" button) and deleting the old config folder in ~/.config/ardour6 solved it for me. Although I don't know why it solved it.


2020-07-11 09:56

reporter   ~0024694

I can't replicate this issue with recent builds. But I find looping gets unstable pretty quickly if you loop continuously and move the start and end markers around a bit.

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