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0008136ardourbugspublic2020-05-23 08:09
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PlatformWindows 7OSWindowsOS Version7
Product VersionMixbus 6.x 
Summary0008136: Ardour tooltips appear even when Ardour itself isn't visible !!
DescriptionThe Ardour and Mixbus windows each have various controls which produce tooltips if we hover our mouse over them. But the Timeline tooltips can appear even when the Timeline window itself isn't visible (e.g. it's covered by some other window - or even minimized). I haven't been able to reproduce this for the Mixer window - only for the Timeline window.
Steps To ReproduceSee the thread for Mixbus:-
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2020-05-23 08:09

reporter   ~0024233

Not sure if this'll help but after a (very brief) test this morning it looks like the okay tooltips are the ones which use 'ArdourCanvas::Item::set_tooltip ()' - and the misbehaving ones seem to use 'ArdourWidgets::set_tooltip ()'

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