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0008118ardourbugspublic2020-05-16 20:28 Assigned To 
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PlatformApple MacintoshOSOSXOS Version10.15.4
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008118: weird output in Format field as well as sync pos+delta and last message+age when synchronizing with external MIDI Clock
DescriptionUsing Maschine 2.10.1 as MIDI Clock master sync, you get (HTML?) visualisation code in the field, such as:

<span font_family="monospace" foreground="gray" background="black" size="larger" > 120 BP </span>

the values get updated constantly in the sync pos/last message fields, but can be everything from normal 00:00:05 to -11234:34:42:21.
It it a bit hard to see the exact numbers written as they get updated 25 times a second. All in all the numbers seem to be all over the place.
Sometimes you get Ardour to start synchronizing from the beginning, only to afterwards continue counting forever (in the preference menueue).
you can say Ardour sporadically chooses to obey starting stopping, and sometimes nothing happens.
Steps To Reproduceprobably by using an external software as MIDI Clock source, configure it to be master and Ardour as slave.
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2020-05-16 20:23

administrator   ~0024175

Ack, the MIDI Clock master is still work in progress.

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