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0008106ardourbugspublic2020-05-10 14:40
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PlatformDebianOSLinuxOS Version10.2
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008106: Channel Strip Input list shows wrong MIDI input
DescriptionIn 6.RC1.232 - The input selection button displays *2* for button text instead of the selected port name.
Only the wrong (unselected) port appears in dropdown menu list, when the button is clicked.
Routing grid shows 2 input "ports" under Hardware/System ( in reverse order)

    USB Axiom 61 MIDI 2 (In)
    USB Axiom 61 MIDI 1 (In) <- selected

On 5.12, the ports are BOTH in the dropdown menu.
5.12 They are listed in the grid in CORRECT sequential order, and the correct (selected) port is shown in the button text.

My only input control surface is a USB M-Audio Axiom61 MIDI keyboard.
Side by side 5.12 vs 6.RC1.232 testing with ALSA.
Steps To ReproduceOpen session with ALSA where 1 UDB MIDI control surface is connected.
I don't know why my M-Audio Axiom61 has always ( always since Ardour 4?) shown as 2 input ports.
Look at Mixer Channel strip input selection button. See if the routing grid shows the same connection.
Additional InformationCould this be related to losing Control Surface (General MIDI ) connection bug ID 0008105
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2020-05-10 13:50

administrator   ~0024115

That indicates that there are 2 connections. What does the tooltip say, or the connection manager?

Perhaps you have input follow track selection and the Virtual-Keyboard enabled to follow selection (Preferences > MIDI)?


2020-05-10 14:40

reporter   ~0024117

tooltip ( mouseover inputs button ) shows " midi_in 1 <- system:midi_capture_b01a3b90, ardour:Virtual Keyboard" - which is correct.

Preferences > MIDI: Follow track selection

I disable Ardour:Virtual Keyboard. Now the Channel Strip Input button text shows "USB A...|1 (in)" - which is correct.
  >>> Button text no longer shows *2*. <<<

The dropdown menu list still SHOWS the USB Axiom 61 MIDI 2 (In) choice - not connected.... and not even enabled in Preferences > MIDI.
The dropdown menu list still NOT showing the USB Axiom 61 MIDI 1 (In) choice - currently connected in routing grid, currently in button text.
>>> You can only select the valid connection by opening the Routing Grid. <<<

By the way, I only run with ALSA Raw.

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