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0008104ardourbugspublic2020-05-10 14:23
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PlatformLinux amd64OSArch LinuxOS Versionrolling 20200510
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008104: Race condition after realtime stop when synced to external jack time master
DescriptionThe behavior observed is the same as in 0008005, rec boxes are not erased in stream view when recording is stopped. The fix that resolved 0008005 does not work, when synced to an external jack.
Steps To Reproduce* Start a new session using jack
* Sync to jack, make sure that TimeMaster is unchecked
* Add an audio track
* Keep recording some seconds and stopping

In roughly 60% of the cases the the rec boxes are not erased.

(not that with bff9c9a5a1 the issue is no longer observable by the rec boxes, because bff9c9a5a1 works around it.)
Additional Informationbff9c9a5a1 works around this issue regarding the rec boxes. Once this issue is resolved, it should be considered reverting bff9c9a5a1.
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related to 0008005 closedpaul Phantom recorded region 


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