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0008101ardourotherpublic2020-05-09 00:20
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Summary0008101: Some ease of use suggestions for the Colors preference dialog
DescriptionSuggestion 1 - Move Colors column to the left of text
When using the 'Items' tab of the Colors preference the colour boxes are alligned to the far right and are difficult to visually line up with the text without selecting a row to highlight it. Moving the 'Color' column to the left would make it easier to match up the colours with the menu item.

Suggestion 2 - List palette options in line with 'Items' tab for consistency and ease of discovery
Currently you have to hover over the coloured boxes to see what each colour is set to by default. Listing them out in line with the 'Items' tab would be more consistent and easier to figure out.

Suggestion 3 - Use plugin sliders in transparency tab
The transparency tab uses GTK sliders. There are two problems with this. Their throw is long and there is no value read out when you adjust them, making it difficult to visually interpret them and gauge changes. Using the sliders provided by generic plugins would solve both of these problems.
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2020-05-09 00:20


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