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0008099ardourotherpublic2020-05-08 23:46
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Summary0008099: Bring GTK buttons appearance more in line with Ardour buttons
DescriptionI recall back in the Ardour 2.x days that the buttons had a darker outline. That changed and with the introduction of the Ardour button there is now a distinct difference between the appearance of the two.

I have no GTK theming skills but have done two mock ups showing how darkening the borders would bring the buttons in line with the appearance of the Ardour buttons.

I know that this change wouldn't make a difference shading wise when it comes to custom colour theming of Ardour but it would make the entire default interface much more consistent.

Another issue with the GTK theming is that the up/down adjustment buttons are tiny and hard to target when using a mouse. Making these larger as in the mockup (input/output channel buttons on the Audio/MIDI Setup mockup image) would make these easier to work with.
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2020-05-08 23:46


gtk_ardour_buttons.png (38,188 bytes)   
gtk_ardour_buttons.png (38,188 bytes)   
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gtk_ardour_buttons_2.png (49,285 bytes)   

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