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0008095ardourbugspublic2021-06-06 10:06
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Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008095: Ardour doesn't change tempo via ableton-link / jack_link
DescriptionArdour doesn't change tempo via ableton-link / jack_link

Ardour is set to JACK Transport and all three of the 'active commands' are enabled (allow change tempo etc.)

Supercollider does change tempo set by jack_link
Steps To ReproduceArdour is set to JACK Transport and all three of the 'active commands' are enabled (allow change tempo etc.)

Use jack_link:


tempo 100

tempo 120

Tagsableton link, jack, transport



2020-05-08 12:31

administrator   ~0024098

Abelton Link is not really applicable, since Ardour has a tempo-map on a global timeline.

Link defines a current tempo, regardless of the position. It may be useful for clip-launching, but it's conceptually at odds with Ardours timeline approach.


2020-05-08 13:04

reporter   ~0024101

It may not be the perfect world combination, but it was really easy to sync ardour with supercollider using jack_link. Supercollider doesn't support jack transport, but via ableton-/jack_link it is possible now.

I think it could be useful to combine the Ardours timeline approach way of composing and syncing with supercollider for instance, with all its random and what not possibilities.

It would be nice if tempo changes could work too, but it seems Ardour6 doesn't respond to jack_transport time changes either.


2020-05-08 14:33

administrator   ~0024105

Correct. Ardour has an internal tempo-map. A fixed score with tempo and time-signature markings for a given time.

It is not a performance tool (like supercollider) that receives such information, but rather a conductor that provides it. Ardour can be jack timebase-master: Convert a given timecode (min|sec) into music-time (bar beat). but not the other way around.

Instant values would only make sense when Ardour adds support for clip-launching independently of the timeline.


2021-06-06 10:06

reporter   ~0025925

fyi ProTools has Link support now:

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