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0008092ardourbugspublic2020-05-07 00:58
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PlatformIntel i3 laptopOSLinuxOS VersionMint 19 Cinnamon
Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008092: Ardour 6rc1.188 - Session log - Port error for every strip.
DescriptionWhen starting a new blank session, I found the log contained this type of error, seemingly for the Master fader I guess:

2020-05-05T20:27:14 [ERROR]: ardour::get_connections: Invalid Port

This same type of log entry populates for every new track created on importing audio files.

Also, an old importing issue seems to somewhat come back. When importing large channel counts, when the process seems complete, closing the Import window does nothing. Then that dialog box comes us asking to Quit of Wait. Choosing to Wait removed this box and after a few seconds, the Import window goes away and all seems normal.

I created many sessions today, keeping gdb running. Attached is that file. Yes, its a long one, but shows many new things I have not seen before. Even closing Ardour at the end revealed some errors in the gdb log. Hmmmmmm
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2020-05-06 03:50


Ardour6rc1.188 gdb output (397,068 bytes)


2020-05-06 18:58

administrator   ~0024090

Can you provide a more precise recipe ?


2020-05-07 00:58

reporter   ~0024093

Hi Paul. Well...I must have been dreaming. Today I tried opening all the sessions created yesterday with this problem. None had it today. All works great. I then deleted some entire sessions and stated over from scratch. Still no issues. Even the importing worked great.

Could it be that because I did not restart my computer after I uninstalled the previous nightly version that something got mixed up? Should I be doing that? All I have been doing for all of these in run the uninstaller in the terminal. Then install the new one and go. Is that not good?

(otherwise, I have no idea why today it seems like I'm running a new build.)

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