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Summary0008074: Feature request: "Export Selected" in Template Manager
DescriptionTo aid in sharing templates between users and machines, it would be useful for the Template Manager window to include an "Export Selected" button for exporting single or multiple presets, rather than all presets. An example case would be the Virtual Playing Orchestra template project at

This would do the same actions as the "Export All" button, but would only include the currently selected template(s) in the resulting archive.

 - One might wish to share a preset with another user, but not wish to share *all* their presets.
 - A user might want to import another user's preset, but not wish to replace their other presets which share the same name, or to include the other presets at all.

GUI changes suggested:
 - new button below or above "Export all" titled "Export Selected" or "Export Current" or simply "Export"
 - if a single template is selected, suggested export archive name should be (a normalised form of?) the template name.
 - only the selected template(s) is/are included in the resulting archive.

Optional change:
 - allow multiple-selection in the "Template Name" list to allow multiple templates to be exported at once.
 - It could also be possible to allow a user to pick and choose which templates in an archive to import. This might be helpful if one wants to restore a backup of their templates, but some have newer changes that want to be kept. This would be more complicated to code however, and might not be worth implementing given how rare this use case might be.

Known Unknowns
 - I don't know if/how this change might affect the "Track Templates" features, although those would probably benefit from a similar functionality.

I have tested the concept by exporting all templates into an archive, then re-packing the archive with only the desired template included. Importing this into Ardour 6 seemed to work perfectly, it did not alter the existing templates and only added/updated the desired template. The tokenising of template dir with $TEMPLATEDIR and back again also worked perfectly (this was the impetus for this feature request, see for the assumptions that led here).

As the archive format is easily modified manually (being an xz-compressed tar archive) there are manual workarounds, so this is a relatively low-priority feature request.


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