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0008065ardourbugspublic2020-08-30 10:10
Reporterneufena Assigned Topaul  
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PlatformWindows 10OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0008065: Switching project causes Mackie Control issues
DescriptionSwitching a project causes a Mackie Control to reset and re calibrate. This takes times time as each fader moves up and down. When this is complete the track names etc to not appear on the screen and the faders do not move to the correct locations. Changing things does get sent to the Mackie. For example playing a track the meters work but the titles still do not appear.
Steps To Reproduce1) Open a project with a Mackie Control attached/configured
2) Faders will move to correct locations, screen will display track names
3) Open a different project
4) Mackie will reset/recalibrate
5) Faders will NOT move to the correct locations and the screen will not update
Additional InformationClosing Ardour, allowing the Mackie to calibrate then opening the next project is the current workaround.
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2020-04-28 09:34



2020-04-28 13:59

administrator   ~0023981

Please test out a nightly version from (there is a free/demo version available that can be installed in parallel with your current version) to verify that this is (or is not) a problem in 6.0-rc1


2020-04-28 16:15

reporter   ~0023983

The nightly crashes when opening a new project so I can't verify if this is an issue. It works correctly opening the first project


2020-04-28 16:59

administrator   ~0023985

We would like a report on that crash. It is our intention that ardour 6.0 can open older sessions.


2020-04-28 17:04

reporter   ~0023986

I've gone back to check and it's not crashing now. However, the main issue (Mackie) is still present.


2020-08-30 10:10

reporter   ~0024983

I've upgraded to Ardour 6 and this still happens. The current workaround is to close ardour, wait till the faders reset then open the next project. However I have noticed something that may help.

When opening an Ardour 5 project the faders will reset (move up and down) but if I wait at the dialog to upgrade the project to 6 until after the faders have finished moving then when the new project opens the faders are set correctly. This leads me to believe that when a project is closed some kind of shutdown or reset is sent to the Mackie then when the new project loads an initialize is sent. Because the shutdown/reset takes time the initialize is ignored. Would it be possible to test not sending a shutdown/reset when switching project or (when using a real Mackie) a delay put in before the initialize is sent when switching projects?

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