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0008049ardourfeaturespublic2020-04-27 19:31
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Product Version6.0-pre1 
Summary0008049: “Audio/MIDI Setup” window does not wait until the user really wants to let Ardour load the current session after calibrating aud
DescriptionWhen a project is opened, going to “Window” > “Audio/MIDI Setup” > “Calibrate audio”, following the calibration instructions, and clicking “Use results”, makes the “Audio/MIDI Setup” window returns to its initially state.

However, when Ardour is launched and a session is opened (or a new one is created), and the “Audio/MIDI Setup” is displayed, after following the same steps this window will be close and Ardour will continue opening the session.

In my opinion, this behavior is inconsistent because the same window acts in two different ways, and I think it might be confusing for users. In my case, I am usually surprised about it, specially when I want to check that all MIDI devices that I am going to use are there and I am interested in run the MIDI calibration, because I would have preferred that Ardour waited.

Also, this is aggravated due to bug 0008048 (after calibrating MIDI, audio calibration might be required again), making the first audio calibration useless if different latency values are obtained after each audio engine “stop"-"start" cycle, which it seems to happen with USB devices.

So, my suggestion is to add a “Accept” or “Continue” button that let users decide when to continue with the session loading.
Steps To Reproduce    1. Launch Ardour and open (or create) a session.
    2. When “Audio/MIDI Setup” window appears, click on “Calibrate Audio”.
    3. Follow instructions, and when it is calibrated, click on “Use results”.

Actually: Ardour will continue loading the session and you will not be able to continue configuring other options, like performing a MIDI calibration by clicking “Midi Device Setup”.
Expected: Return to the main “Audio/MIDI Setup” window’s view, so that I can check the configuration and perform other actions. Then, when everything looks ready, click on the proposed “Accept” or “Continue” button to let Ardour continue.
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2020-04-25 11:27

reporter   ~0023909

I have experienced something similar but when performing MIDI calibration. After calibrate MIDI devices, when clicking "Back to settings", "Audio/MIDI Setup” window did not return to its initially state, and Ardour continue opening the session. So, I could not calibrate audio before opening the session.


2020-04-26 23:12

administrator   ~0023940

Consider the following:

Calibration is usually a one-time operation an in case of the ALSA backend can be performed at any given time.
Most users should no be held up with this when starting Ardour the first time and if the calibration can be performed later, as soon as the engine is started Ardour proceeds to load the session.

The mid/long term solution planned for this is to allow sample-rate selection in the Session dialog and not show the engine-dialog.
However that is not yet feasible. Currently the engine dialog still doubles for session's sample-rate setup, which leads to this, arguably odd behavior.


2020-04-27 19:31

reporter   ~0023969

I think is nice to have the setup dialog before entering the editor. Basically, because for some USB devices (like mine) it is needed to do the audio calibration every time. Removing it might produce that user proceed without doing the calibration.

By the way, on the same system, MIDI values look more stable. Even the MIDI over the USB that has the same audio interface (Focusrite Scarlett 18i20), despite the audio calibration differ from one cycle to another.

However, I understand it is not needed by most users, and it would make opening sessions smoother.

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