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0008040ardourbugspublic2020-04-22 03:21
ReporterCicalone Assigned To 
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
PlatformWindows 10OSWindowsOS Version10
Summary0008040: It crashes when I import a midi file.
DescriptionWhen I import a MIDI file it crashes.
Additional InformationI have used version 6.0-rc1-13-g0402f1a
Tagscrash, Import, Midi



2020-04-21 16:50

administrator   ~0023845

I just tested with Windows7 Ardour-rc1.34 64bit and that works fine. both via Drag/Drop, and via Menu >Session > Import (using default settings).

Can you reproduce this with the linked BeethovenSymphony5.mid ? Is this perhaps specific to a MIDI file that you import, if so can you share this .mid file?


2020-04-21 17:31

reporter   ~0023846

Here is the file that doesn't work. While BeethovenSymphony5 works.


2020-04-22 03:21

administrator   ~0023851

Now fixed, commit 9a93583ef7a4 (will be in nightlies available April 22nd (after about 07:00 US EDT).

I decide that libsmf, which we use for handling SMF data, was incorrect in its handling of this. It seems reasonably clear (even from libsmf source code) that the default is 4/4 @ 120bpm.

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